6 Month Dating Anniversary Gifts for Him

He’s been by your side for half a year, so it’s time to celebrate! Find the perfect gift from our list of 6-month anniversary gifts. You know how much he loves coffee and cooking classes – here are some ideas based on what you two have done together already in this relationship (or even just things that seem like fun!).
As great as every day has been since meeting each other all those months ago at work/school etc., there is never enough distance between lovers’ hearts until they’ll plant one full passionate kiss under bright lights surrounded.

1. Custom Face Boxers

These custom boxers with face will make your partner laugh and smile even as they give you a good chase. A perfect gift for any occasion, these gags can be ordered to surprise someone special on their anniversary or just because it’s time-tested humor!

2. Pinky Promise Wood Keychain

What better way to keep your love alive than with this adorable keychain? It’ll be a sweet reminder of all those promises you two made for each other. Best part about it is that he can wear his on days when he needs some extra encouragement or just wants someone nearby who understands him like nobody else does!

3. Custom Leather Apple Watch Band

This is your chance to get creative! Go ahead and throw him a surprise party with these cool 6 month anniversary gifts for guys. You could go all out, or keep it simple like an affordable watchband that he can use on his wrist every day of the week – plus you’ll have something special hidden away just waiting until then too 😉
The perfect gift idea would be one involving his interests/hobbies (i know mine are watches & cooking). Try finding something in those areas online before shopping around locally since there’s no guarantee what store might hold them inventory longer than others…

4. Glass Photo Plaque

His love for music is something that he shares with you. The song can remind him of the moments when both of y’all were happy or just felt like being together in general, which would make this an ideal gift! You could get inside engraving on one side so it’s easy to remember who his favorite person in life may be-the answer might surprise even himself!!

5. Our First Date Custom Map Pillow

When you need a gift that is personal and unique, look no further. The perfect way to show how much your boyfriend means for six months or even just an anniversary! This custom map of his favorite places around the world will be cherished forever in honorof all those special moments spent together.

6. Happily Annoying Each Other for 6 Months Funny Mug

This mug is the perfect gift for your boyfriend. It tops our list as a 6th monthsary present and even after six whole years together, you two still manage to find each other’s annoying qualities cute!

7. Leather Photo Keychain

A keychain is a great way to keep memories close at hand. This one features an anniversary reminder so that you never forget about the special day! Give it away as gift or just put in your own pocket for easy access whenever needed most

8. Instagram Style Anniversary Desktop Photo Plaque

This custom photo plaque is the perfect way to show off your relationship status. If you and your significant other have been dating for all of this time, it’s only right that they be given some special recognition on their big day!

9. Date Night Cards

The best date night is one that never has to end. Whether staying in or going out, these cards will help you decide on an activity for your next romantic evening together! From watching movies at home with all the lights turned off (you know how it starts)to playing arcade games until dawn; there’s always something new waiting just around every corner when using our selection of customizable designs as well personalized envelopes available if needed—they’re sure not onlybe fun but also keep things interesting between yourselves too.

10. Leather Wallet

There are few things more manly than carrying around a custom, engraved leather wallet. Your boyfriend will feel like he’s really stepping into his role as the leader of this world with just one glance at all that’s inside! Perfect for storing cards and cash as well; no need to worry about losing any important information when you have such awesome protection by his side 24/7 – 7 days a week (even on holidays).

11. Six Months Together Anniversary Picture Frame

This is the perfect gift for your favorite guy who has everything. Get him an customized picture frame that he can hang in his room or stand on his work desk, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about! This thoughtful token of love will make all those moments together feel even more special – because they are letting others know how much time equals happiness with this particular significant other by displaying their photos inside these custom made frames (which come ready-made).

12. Cactus 6 Months Anniversary Mug

You can’t even remember how you managed without the love of your life six months ago. Now, we all know that time feels like an eternity when it flies by so fast and then suddenly comes to an end but this is why they say “love lasts forever.” I will always be there with reminding myself or any other potential lovers out there just what they’re missing because no one else compares!

13. Couple Magnetic Bracelet

What couple has a better relationship than you and your partner? Get them something to show how much they mean in life, like these magnetic bracelets! They can be customized with any saying or names. It’s the perfect gift for two people who love holding hands while taking walks on opposite sides of town together.

14. Social Media Photo Plaque

We all love to watch your relationship blossom, and we can’t wait for you guys’ future together. Show him how much he means in life with this social media photo plaque! It’s perfect as a gift or just because:)

15. Light Me When… Candle

Your relationship has been burning hot these last six months. Don’t let it die out with this humorous candle! He’ll be lighting up every chance he gets, just like his love for you will never go away (not that there was ever anything wrong or incorrect).

16. Funny Cartoon Portrait

Your relationship is going strong and shows no signs of slowing down. Your boyfriend will love this cool gift idea for when you want to spice things up a bit: turning both yourselves into iconic cartoon characters from long ago! Pick between several locations, styles (such as vintage or modern), what kind color scheme do YOU prefer?

17. Six Months Down Forever To Go Mug

You have a lifetime of love and happiness to go yet, so why not make the most out it? This mug is perfect for your boyfriend. He’ll appreciate knowing that you’re committed in some small way with his name on this gift!

18. “All Because Two People Swiped Right” Desktop Plaque

You can’t let your significant other know you’re dating a guy who met on Tinder, so how about this plaque? It’s perfect for both of us! All we have to do is upload one photo and add our names. The design of the plaque will be determined by what type or personality traits that are most important in our relationship with each other – it could end up being either romantic love (the heart) versus companionship/trustworthiness(words).

19. Thanks For Swiping Right Anniversary Card

You know that feeling when you meet someone and it just feels like everything is going to be all right? That’s what this card is for. Make sure he/she knows how much their swiping right meant, because sometimes we forget about these small gestures of appreciation in our daily lives!

20. Wood String Art Picture Frame

Want to give your boyfriend a romantic and funny gift? This photo frame includes the most-often said new couple’s quote. He’ll be able hang this beautiful keepsake in his home or office, so that every day he sees how much you love him!

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